Welcome to the Boot Beer Festival

Boot Beer Festival 10th-14th June 2021 curtailed


Covid 19  in 2021

The 20th Boot Beer Festival passed with an empty valley, glorious weather and just me with a pint looking out across an empty campsite.

21st Beer Festival June 2021 not a festival but  hopefully a reason to be cheerful as we move towards a better future, fingers crossed.


The 21st Boot Beer Festival would have been 10-14th June 2021. As the pandemic is still on going and various rules still apply to the drinking public this years festival can not take place as normal. No live music, no service at the bar, no drinking standing up, ( 2 years ago that would have been the most ridiculous thing I have ever typed!) What we will have is a valley full of fantastic pubs serving as much great real ale as we can get hold of. Most people we have spoken to who were booked to stay are still coming so we hope to have a busy but covid safe weekend!

So if you are planning on coming for the weekend, remember you may well need to book tables for food and drink, you will need masks, beer goggles alone will not do!

Great Event in the Valley of the Esk

Boot Beer Festival is a great event for all the family, ride up on the la'al Ratty railway, visit Brook House Inn and sample a beer or two then wonder up to The Boot Inn, where non drinkers could visit the working watermill and the Kids can enjoy themselves at the Boot Inn play area. Next take the path upto the Woolpack and sample the delightful beers available at one of the most remote pubs in the Lake District. A short walk down the road brings you back to the station.

Why not get a load of mates together, hire a minibus and con someone into driving! Better still dig the tent out blag Friday off work and come for 3 nights of superb beer in a wonderful part of the lakes, you could even do some walking (even if it is only between the pubs) Friday and Saturday nights are busy at all 3 venues so booking a table for dinner is always a good idea.


Not just Ales

Boot Beer Festival is now one of the biggest in Cumbria with over 140 beers from nearly as many breweries, each pub chooses its own beers then we weed out any duplicates. To keep down the food miles, Northern beers feature heavily, but some interesting brews from further afield always appear on the list. At least 10 ciders will be available and all 3 pubs have the usual range of soft drinks for drivers and children. The beers will be listed shortly before the festival start but the list is seldom definative as the ephemoral nature of some breweries concoctions makes it difficult to pinpoint exactly which brews will be available in June!